SnowFlake Buddies: The ABCs of Leftism!

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Award Winning Book for Children in 2018!

With 25 AMAZING pages of satire and wit – including 6 super fun activity pages with mazes, a word search, the Statist 10 Commandments, cool Leftist glasses and other great surprises – you and your kids will LOVE learning the ABCs with these fun rhymes! For each letter of the alphabet, there’s a funny character that will help you and your child learn about how Leftism is shaping our world today!

There’s plenty of laughs leftism, pacifier, leftist, progressivism, intolerance, snowflake, SJW, social justice warrior, meme, graphic, cartoonand fun for all. Plus, it’s at a super low price of 99 cents! You can’t beat that! We are also proud to bear the seal of the Society of the Golden Pacifier, which recognized our ABCs of Leftism as one of the most important works for children in 2018. Enjoy! Purchase your PDF copy (which can be viewed on a laptop or ebook reader and printed out) right HERE or by clicking on the graphic above!

Enjoy a free preview below…

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Happy Secession Day 2018!

Happy Secession Day! This July 4th, what’s more American than celebrating the right of people everywhere to self determination and freedom from tyrants?

In Episode 116 of the Brion McClanahan ShowThe Winds of Change, Brion discussed the positive movement towards decentralization, and how many different people (including millennials) were supportive of secession – especially in light of the hateful rhetoric and extreme divisiveness not seen in the United States since the 1850’s. And in the popular Tom Woods Show from December 4, 2013, Tom discussed the complex subject of secession by addressing some of the common prejudices and misconceptions regarding decentralization in the United States. Woods agreed that when engaging people on this particular subject, it’s important to note that secession may indeed be unconventional, and contrary to what many may have learned in public school. “But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Secession – Loved by Americans Since 1776? Despite the United States claiming to uphold such ideals as liberty, freedom and independence, it’s ironic that when it comes to the confines of American political discourse, there’s a small range of things people are not allowed to talk about – or even support. Like the recent subject of Catalonian independence, in which many Americans have surprisingly sided against the efforts of the Catalonian people to seek independence and freedom. Woods notes that, “just because this view is held by neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, does not in itself invalidate it…when we think about things like farm subsidies or even foreign policy, we can have civil disagreements about them…but yet for some reason, when you talk about secession, the assumption is you must be crazy, there’s something wrong with you. And yet there’s no reason, right off the bat, that you would think people ought to draw that conclusion. Wouldn’t this just seem to be a practical question?”

“Why would it be forbidden to question where the boundary lines are drawn…Why can’t you just say maybe this unit should be two units, or maybe it should be three units, or maybe it should be ten units?” Tom noted, expressing that when the discussion is framed this way, even a person with a modicum of intellectual curiosity would have to consider what’s so special about the particular shape – or boundary – of a country. For example, is the shape of the United States somehow sacred? So much so, that you can’t even talk about it or debate it?

A Sacred Shape…“I think part of the reason that we resist this topic of secession is that in the United States in particular, there has been what we might call sacralizing the secular. You take a secular thing – that is, a thing that doesn’t have a religious meaning or dimension to it, namely ‘The Union’ or ‘The Union of States established by the Constitution’ – and this Union is routinely spoken of as if it’s a sacred thing. We see this throughout U.S. history. This religious language that is used to describe the United States…This no doubt derives from the ‘City on a Hill’ rhetoric that goes back to the Puritans appropriating it from the Bible. And then John F. Kennedy yes, but mostly Ronald Reagan appropriated it in turn from the Puritans, and took this Biblical image of the Church and adapted it so that words that were supposed to describe the Christian Church now describe the United States. You might think Christians would find this blasphemous, but they’re the ones that most cheer it on, oddly enough.”

Mr. Woods then discussed how the work of two 17th century intellectuals, Johannes Althusius, a theorist of the Dutch Federation, and Thomas Hobbes, encapsulates much of the history of the West in terms of political organization. And over the years, we’ve moved from Althusius to Hobbes. For example, in Politica, Althusius writes how society is made up of different groups with specific rights and liberties that couldn’t be modified or intruded upon by any of the others. Even Kings, whose power were often hemmed in by other institutions, couldn’t just bark out irresistible commands to the others. “That’s how society was arranged. Not just a bunch of isolated individuals, atomized individuals, but a balancing act of all different power centers whose symbiotic relation constituted society.”

The Hobbesian Leviathan: On the other hand, there’s the system Hobbes discusses in Leviathan (1651). “Hobbes describes a society not as a system of levels, but precisely as a single, flat plane consisting of isolated, atomized, undifferentiated individuals. At the center of this society is a single, infallible power center, with any subsidiary bodies having whatever liberties the center deigns to acknowledge. And those liberties and rights may be cancelled at any time…Under this system, where you have a single, irresistible, infallible, indestructible, power center at the center, if one of these subsidiary groups resist, it’s not a virtue. It’s not a virtue to be cheered. It’s treason.”

Secession Superstitions: “So when you  hear people talking about Nullification as treason, and secession as treason, it’s this Hobbesian superstition that they have haplessly absorbed…especially in the wake of the French Revolution. We have now all around the world for the  most part, the type of state Hobbes described…and how has that experiment gone? Well, we’ve had totalitarian regimes that scarcely could have been dreamed of in the past, we’ve had total war on a scale that was not seen…on a smaller scale we have impossible levels of debt and bureaucracy. These governments have established a set of self-perpetuating fiefdoms that rule over us and seem impossible to dismantle. And yet despite this horrifying record of the Hobbes model, the question of the proper size of the political unit and whether secession or decentralization are desirable is not even raised.”

History Supports Secession: While the Tenth Amendment in the Constitution, and Virginia, New York and Rhode Island’s rescission clauses (which detailed these states could withdraw from the federal union) point to the sovereignty of the states in America, there’s plenty of other sources to look. For example, “The Declaration of Independence does not speak of a single blob, it speaks of free and independent states,” Mr. Wood notes. “And by states, they mean places like Spain and France. They have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do. The British in the Treaty of Paris acknowledged the independence not of a single blob, but of a group of states. Again, the Compact Theory. The States created the Union. The States came first and the people of the states are the sovereigns…In the Law of Nations (1758), Emerich de Vattel noted how Sovereign states can enter into federations without compromising or impairing their sovereignty. They’re exercising their sovereignty when they enter a Union like the United States – therefore they could obviously continue to be as sovereign as before. Which means if they have the sovereign power to join such a union, they have the sovereign power to withdraw.”

Also see McClanahan Academy for a great university-level course on Secession Here.

P.S. Want to celebrate that American notion of freedom and self determination through secession? Check out some of the other cool artwork available at my store! Imagine how awesome you’ll look on Independence Day (or any other day) by making a great and unique statement for liberty and freedom in your community!

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4th Annual Libertopia Creative Art Contest!

Are you an artist who loves liberty – or do you know an artist or writer who does? If so, encourage them to take part in our 4th annual Libertopia Creative Art Contest! We’re looking for artwork, writing or music of any kind – 2D artwork, sculpture, music, poetry, books, essays, etc! All skill levels welcome – even people who may not think they’re artists are encouraged to send in a sketch! The point is to use your creativity and imagination to develop a piece of artwork – from a simple sketch on a napkin, to a complex mural, book or piece of music – to help bring a compelling creative message of liberty and a hopeful future to people everywhere. See the winners from last year in our Youth Category and our Adult Category of Best Libertarian Fiction for 2017! You can also check out the winners for 2016 and 2015 (featuring art from Ben Garrison).

So why participate? This is a great opportunity to get a little recognition and appreciation for your talent (as we’ll be sure to promote your entry through social media), and bragging rights as a potential winner in one of the few libertarian art contests out there! Plus, it’s a fun way to network with other libertarian artists – as well as develop some great liberty-themed art to display in your portfolio or through social media.

The details: Please send one entry per applicant – for art files, a jpeg under 400K would be excellent. For text files, please send a PDF document or hard copy via mail. For music files, please send a link to your google or other cloud based storage. The art, writing or music must be your work. Any age may contribute! Please send your name, age category (child or adult) e-mail address, web address (if you have an online portfolio), and a brief description of your work (The child music/art/writing category is for kids 13 and under). Please keep artwork/music/writing family friendly (suitable for all audiences) and pertaining to a libertarian/voluntaryist/ancap theme. Send to silverlake37 (at) outlook (dot) com. (If you would prefer that the entry you send in appear online with an alias or initials, please let us know and we will make sure that happens!)

GreatDayPrizes: All art submissions will be exhibited under the “Artist Page” here on Libertopia. The cutoff date for entries will be August 20 (Monday). On August 22 (Wednesday), we’ll announce the first and second place winners in each of the two categories through a blog post (an honorable mention may also be awarded at our discretion). First place winners will receive their choice of items from our libertopia store ($20.00 maximum). We’ll also have special award icons that will be displayed with the winning art on Libertopia, as well as e-mailed to you for use on your portfolio sites. Certificates will be sent via e-mail! All art will remain on display on Libertopia for as long as this site is up and running. However, all artwork ultimately belongs to the artist – so if you decide you’d like it removed sometime down the road, we can do that.

We’re looking forward to seeing your artwork soon!

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78 year old Ray McGovern Beat Up by Capitol Police

Ray Mcgovern, whistleblower, cartoon, current events, police state, police brutality, Gina Haspel

statism, democrats, republicans, big government, meme graphic, awesome graphic design, word art, big governmentIn yet more ominous behavior exhibited by the State, 78 year old Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA analyst for U.S. Presidents, was hauled from the U.S. Senate Chambers yesterday (May 9, 2018) by Capitol Police. While McGovern was being dragged from the Chambers for asking questions and protesting Gina Haspel (who is said to have been involved in the torture of people), the officers repeatedly yelled at their victim to “Stop resisting”, although no resistance could be seen and was likely a tactic to cover their butts if they happened to inflict any injury. Which they did by re-injuring McGovern’s dislocated shoulder. McGovern has also appeared on the Tom Woods Show – most recently here on Episode 1150 – Is There Anything to Russiagate? Thoughts on statism, the police state or police brutality? Let us know in the comments! Also check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here (with tons of great libertarian memes, infographics and awesome cartoons) or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the Libertopia store!

  • Read more at Consortium News
  • Also check out The White Rose: Passive Resistance (6 pages) Learn more about the White Rose movement, a passive resistance group of whistleblowers who sought to help educate and raise awareness of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazi government.

Love our shirts? Check out the Libertopia store

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KIDS Dying at the Hands of the State?

Statism, awesome cartoons, cartoon, socialism, government healthcare, Alfie Evans, United Kingdom, Charlie GardNot sure what’s going on in the United Kingdom these days, but they once had such a great legacy of peacefully emancipating slaves and standing against a horrific Fascist regime known for it’s murder of men, women and children. But with the very sad deaths of Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans, it seems like the State is once against taking a massive dump on the people. Do our young people matter? Does decency and the sanctity of human life mean anything to the State? Or are we just pawns used for generating more tax dollars for special interest projects?

Thoughts on socialized medicine or statism? Leave us a comment! You can also check us out at our Libertopia Patreon page and throw a buck or two our way! We’ve got some great gifts and other cool stuff for our donors! Check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here (with tons of great libertarian memes, infographics and awesome cartoons), download our 60 page art e-book at Libertopia: Collection One for only 99 cents, or check out our unique t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the Libertopia store

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Exclusive Cartoon: Make America Kill AGAIN!

Breaking News! What with the latest news coming out of Oceania headquarters (that’s a 1984 reference for you all just in case), we thought this awesome illustration would pay homage to our MAGA dear leader and all his wonderful neo-con propaganda churning cronies out there. Hail Oceania! Thoughts on Trump, Syria and all the other hysteria spewed forth from the lips of Democrats and Republicans? Let us know! And as always, keep laughing at the absurdity of it all. Also be sure to check out the rest of our fun political cartoons on our illustrations page, or check out our amazing store with great libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap t-shirts and so much  more!

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Exclusive Cartoon: March for Life?

march fore life, cartoon, abortion, planned parenthood, gun control, awesome cartoonsThoughts on the March for Life rally, the gun control debate, the 2nd Amendment, angry millennials, planned parenthood, leftist hyposcrisy or any other topic? Leave a comment! And don’t forget – if you like what we’re doing here, you can also check us out at our Libertopia Patreon page and throw a buck or two our way! We’ve got some great gifts and other cool stuff for our donors! Plus, check out Libertopia’s own artwork page here (with tons more of our fun political cartoons, memes and more) or download our 60 page art e-book at Libertopia: Collection One for only 99 cents! Plus, check out our unique libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap  t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more over at the Libertopia store

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