Uber, the Free Market and Muh Roads…

Cartoon, libertarian, political cartoon, Uber, Lyft, free market, politicians, statism, politics, crony capitalism

Are there any Uber or Lyft drivers out there? With more and more local governments implementing burdensome regulations, it seems like the temporary free market revolution in individuals using their cars to earn a living may be at an end. Yeah, these politicians always like to blab about safety and the common good, but it seems like the reality of it is that they just want to secure a little influence from political lobbyist organizations and campaign funds from powerful companies (also known as cronyism). And then pat themselves on the back for a job well done. But then again, when you’re dealing with State owned roads, I guess they can ultimately regulate them however they see fit. Muh roads…

Have any thoughts regarding socialism, statism, crony capitalism, uber regulations, government money making schemes or the free market? Leave a comment! Be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap political cartoons, art and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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Libertopia talks Ghostbusters on Actual Anarchy Podcast!

Ghostbusters, libertarian, ancap, voluntaryist, cartoon, who ya gonna call, free market, Statist, Statism, Actual AnarchyThe team at Libertopia (which consists of myself Lewis Liberman, and Julie Wilder), recently had the honor of appearing on Actual Anarchy to talk about the many themes in the Ghostbusters 1984 movie, as well as the more recent 2016 reboot. In this awesome hour long discussion with the hosts of Actual Anarchy, we covered many topics such as taxation, the free market, whether those power packs the Ghostbusters carry around would be a liability in an anarcho-capitalist society, AND if the new 2016 Ghostbusters is really a feminist/progressive/leftist/social justice warrior dream come true. This is a particularly insightful discussion, as we have the perspective of what a libertarian lady thinks about it all.

Plus, we talk a little bit about our own journey as libertarians, as well as thoughts and perceptions on Statism in general. So if you’re curious to know more about who we are, check out the podcast at the following link. Episode 17 – Ghostbusters (you can also find it on itunes and a bunch of other places too).

Also, be sure to check out the Actual Anarchy page and podcast. There’s a TON of great content on their site, which looks at movies and society in general from a Rothbardian / Anarcho-Capitalist perspective. Don’t miss it!

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“Liberty Schmiberty”…Does Republican Senator Bob Dixon Voice What’s on the Hearts of Many Public Servants?

Bob Dixon, Missouri, Senator, Liberty, Republican, Meme, Career Politician, Establishment, Statist, Statism
Liberty, schmiberty… I’ve heard enough about people’s liberty being taken away… I am tired of hearing these arguments over and over again, they just don’t hold any water for me.” – Spoken by Republican state Senator Bob Dixon from Missouri recently while defending a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program bill on the floor of the Missouri Senate (as reported by Missouri First in an email bulletin). Dixon, like many so-called “public servants”, has been building a career out of flexing the power of the State over those he claims to work for. Formerly working in the House of Representatives, he also attempted a run for governor. His wikipedia page additionally lists how he “likes the idea of a more limited government”.

Of course, this one senator was honest enough to say what was on his heart – but those politicians who vote to strip away the rights of the people are pretty much saying the same thing. Democrats, Republicans, Neo-Conservatives, Progressives, the Establishment, big “L” Libertarians…whatever. This is a problem with “public servants” throughout America – and perhaps the rest of the world. They say one thing to get elected, and then do another once they get a little taste of seductive power and bloated importance. Sure, government in Missouri and many other states may have started with high aims to secure liberty for the people, but it’s fairly obvious that at this point it’s failing miserably. Liberty, schmiberty.

Also see: Senate passes Rehder’s PDMP bill with major changes (missouri times)

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The Libertopia Store NOW OPEN!

libertarian, taxation is theft, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tank tops, voluntaryism, ancap

Lay your eyes on this new design exclusively from Libertopia over at our awesome NEW store! Just click the above graphic to visit, or check out the following link: Libertopia Store! Right now, we just have the above “skull and crossbones” taxation is theft design available on quality t-shirts, coffee mugs and even a sticker. But look for more cool voluntaryist/libertarian/ancap designs soon. We really like a lot of the other libertarian clothing available out there, but thought we could add some unique and amazing designs of our own that people would love and be proud to wear too. So enjoy!

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Neo Con Air

Trump, Make America Great Again, Syria, cartoon, political cartoon, libertarian, Neo-conservatives, Constitution, PeaceWar, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Unless you’re a bunch of neo-conservatives and Trump. But oh no, this is all part of the plan to make America great again. Right? Cause there ain’t nothing like bringing Democracy (or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) through force of arms. Anyway, while coming up with this cartoon, I couldn’t help but think about how politicians absolutely LOVE talking about how they’re about to do something like raise taxes or bust some heads because…ya know, it’s for the kids.

Movies you might enjoy after looking at this cartoon include Dr. Strangelove, and Con Air. The later pick is just cause it’s a cool flick, while Dr. Strangelove’s Major “King” Kong is a character to watch for if you want to know where a little of my inspiration for this illustration came from.

Thoughts or suggestions on Syria, the Trump phenomenon, conservatives, progressives, the military industrial complex, or establishment media propaganda? Leave a comment! And if you’re the type that might enjoy a little humor over all the lunacy out there, then you’ll definitely want to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian political cartoons, art and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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Libertopia Infographic: When government does it…


Ahh, yes, when government does it, it’s okay. Cause without security patdowns, wars, “peacekeeping” missions, big government education programs, indefinite detention, taxation, interrogations, no-knock raids and national security – all at the expense of the individual and individual rights of course – just where would we be as a society? Without such things, would it really be some mad-max scenario, as some of your statist friends might thunder down from their high-horses? Or could the true respect (as opposed to token nods) for the individual and natural rights really lead to an even better future of peace and prosperity? Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! Want more memes, cartoons and infographics? Check out our graphics page! As always, we enjoy hearing from you! Also, please share our libertarian graphics with a friend, or check out some of our amazing artist interviews! Until next time, keep smiling and have a great day!

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Leftist Social Media vs. Reality

infographic, leftism, social media, gender identity, politics, political beliefs, feminism, gender, graphic design

Hello boys and girls – oops, sorry. I mean, gender neutral entities of the internet. Here’s another funny infographic we thought might look nice all gussied-up for your viewing pleasure. In this graphic, those crazy leftists on social media (tumblr, facebook and twitter – just to name a few) are at it again! This time, they’re once again trying to convince you of their glorious social experiment regarding the redefining of reality. You know, like you can’t have more than two political positions or whatever else they’re raging against these days. Ha ha. Anyway, hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to check out all our other cool libertarian cartoonsartist interviews and a TON more! So turn that frown upside down, and have a great day!

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