Security Services in Libertopia: By Kent McManigal

Kent McManigal, Libertopia, Security Services, Dispatches from Libertopia, libertarian, ancap, voluntaryistThe following post is shared with permission from Kent McManigal.  He notes that this is but one of a series of messages sent back in time from an alternate time-line in which a free society has become reality. This isn’t the only way a free society could work, but one of many. For more of his work, please see: and!

There is obviously no such thing as a “police force” in Libertopia. We learned our lesson from those last few chaotic years before the collapse of the State. It’s a mistake, and body count, we won’t repeat!

What we do have, almost everywhere, are security services. What would have been called “private security” back during the government era. Now, since everything is “private”, the distinction is meaningless. Of course, there are many variations in security providing services– just about any variation you can imagine.

The services they provide vary. The majority are simply there to help train people in defense. Everyone can benefit from expert advice and tips. A few will actually take on the job of defending their clients; mainly the very old, the crippled, and those whose personal beliefs make them prefer to pay someone for defense rather than doing the job themselves. However, new defensive tools make even those with physical difficulties perfectly capable of defending themselves, if they care to (and most do).

But, of those who take a more active role, the services offered are fairly standardized. Some will help stop attacks and theft. Some will act as bodyguards. Some as night watchmen, for homes or businesses. Sometimes a customer may request something more out of the ordinary– which, as long as there is no aggression or property violations requested, the sky is the limit. The price may go up depending on the amount of effort the job entails.

The ways security service employees dress vary– although, as far as I know, none seek to replicate the look of the police uniforms of old. That would be a way to go out of business in a hurry; the negative memory is still too sharp, even after all these years. If you want to be shunned, appear in public (outside of Halloween or a costume party) dressed as “law enforcement” or other type of government extremist.

Most dress in a way which keeps the tools of the job close and handy. Two or three guns, restrains, video recorders, a communication device (to instantly let the customer know of an incident, and call for help of whatever kind might be necessary). Penetration-resistant clothing is common, although rarely necessary. It is so inexpensive there’s really no reason to not use it. Generally, bright colors are chosen for the clothing, to identify a person as security services. On the very rare occasions when stealth is prudent, color-changing clothing is preferred so that the identity of the security provider can be known as soon as possible- as soon as dark clothing is no longer necessary. Identity-concealing masks are never worn– the good guys don’t dress like losers.

To get a job with any of the security provider companies, it is necessary to pass a thorough examination to demonstrate a non-aggressive personality, an understanding of non-aggression/Voluntaryism, and to make sure there is no tendency to try to weasel out of accountability if something goes wrong and force or property violations occur during the performance of the job. The bar for accountability is set very high for a reason– there is no room in security services for cowards/bullies, trigger-happy liars, or anyone else who is seeking an opportunity to use violence against the innocent. If your security provider violates anyone during the course of his employment, you can be held accountable for hiring an unreliable person, and the cost of restitution can be very high. No one wants to risk it.

Security services are available just about anywhere, but they are never very large companies. Most people don’t want to pay for something they can do for themselves so easily. It’s a niche market, and a decent job opportunity for those who like to feel useful while doing a rather boring and safe job. – Kent McManigal


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Entertainment Expo reveals Biggest Game of the Year – Social Justice Warrior: The Age of Rage!

game, gaming, gamers, social justice warrior, gamergate, Leftism, leftist, superhero, statism, statist, force and aggression, progressivism, relativism

Galactic Imperium News Service (GINS): At the press event hosted last Tuesday afternoon at this year’s Entertainment Expo, a few non-gender specific eyebrows were raised when Snowflake games released teaser posters and in-game footage of their newest project, Social Justice Warrior: The Age of Rage. Snowflake games CEO, Draenal Moonkaxx was on hand at the big reveal, which featured 20 foot tall animatronic “SJW Bots” that periodically shot various stuffed toys representing the 522 known genders out into the crowd. Moonkaxx, who appeared the evening before in a 24 karat gold limo with several Gamergate personalities, claimed that the game is “largely being funded by dump-truck loads of money funneled into the project by socialist college professors, wealthy leftist baby boomers and SJW Antifa feminist types who are looking to cash in on the culture of rage and identity politics”.

In-game footage shown at the event depicted a genderless superhero in anime style who uses a variety of weapons and Statist power-ups to create a communist utopia where everything that offends progressive relativistic sensibilities has been eradicated, rewritten or reprogrammed. “It’s really an exciting concept that’s a first,” Moonkaxx excitedly described. “Some of the special abilities that players can unlock as they progress through the game are really awesome too, and give a real sense of how some Leftists use government power and the establishment media to reshape society. For example, if an in-game villain tries to stop our hero from clubbing people in the head in the name of peace, love and tolerance – then imagine using ‘cronyism’, ‘propaganda’, ‘powerful lobbyist groups’ or ‘leftist judges’ to achieve a victory.”

As the crowd cheered and held up “The Age of Rage” and “Join the Resistance” signs (which were pre-printed signs distributed by Snowflake games before the press event), Moonkaxx picked up a flamethrower and walked over to a male mannequin wearing devil horns and a t-shirt with the words “Gamergate is a Lie” on it, and promptly lit the whole thing on fire.

“The coming release of Social Justice Warrior on all major gaming platforms will be a win-win for the Snowflake team, and a definite contender for game of the year,” Moonkaxx elaborated on Tuesday’s stage. “Because obviously if you don’t like it or give it a negative review, you’re a racist, fascist sexist gamer who is trying to sabotage our efforts to create something that preaches peace, love and tolerance through fun usages of force and aggression.”

Note: This parody post is intended as a work of humorous fiction / satire. Any relation to actual people or game sites is an unusual coincidence indeed! And while doubtless millions of readers were perhaps hoping that Social Justice Warrior: The Age of Rage actually existed, no such game actually exists (that we know of). 

Also see:

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Leftism: The Taliban of the West?

Southern Monuments, Confederate Monuments, Leftism, Statism, Statist, Progressive, Progressivism, Lyda Krewson, Mitch Landrieu, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memory HoleAfter listening to the Tom Woods Show, Episode 915: Southern Monuments Removed and Others Under Attack, I thought it appropriate to create an illustration which visually discusses the subject in a humorous way. The summary for the episode is as follows: “The perpetually aggrieved have recently settled upon various Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans, as the next thing to be destroyed. Given the level of American discourse (a word I use laughingly in this context), anyone saying a word against this is of course condemned with all the usual low-IQ language of the left. Rev. Larry Beane, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana, and historian Brion McClanahan, join me for the discussion.” Give this excellent podcast a listen at Episode 915, and get a view of this debate that you simply won’t find through Establishment media outlets. Particularly eye-opening is Rev. Beane’s perspective on how the removal of the monuments has created a lot of tension, strife and intolerance in the city, and how even African Americans in support of the monuments have been attacked for their beliefs.

Having an interest in history and the story of people overcoming adversity, our position here at libertopia is that these historical monuments seek to serve as somber reminders of the destruction of total war and great civilian loss of life at the hands of the State. The removal of these reminders by such politicians as Mitch Landrieu (Mayor of New Orleans) and Lyda Krewson (mayor of St. Louis) indicates that government once again is being used to pit people against each other for the sole purpose of monetary gain and partisan power.

Do you have thoughts on the removal of historical monuments, statism, progressivism, leftism, western civilization or a related topic of concern? Leave us a comment below!

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America’s Concentration Camps: Remembering Statism, Racism and Heart Mountain, Wyoming Through Art

artwork, artist, statism, racism, heart mountain, wyoming, heart mountain internment campNot so long ago, the United States federal government forcibly uprooted tens of thousands of American citizens, and placed them in concentration camps scattered around the western part of the nation. Heart Mountain, Wyoming was one such place that I recently visited.

Today, it’s a nice museum about 15 minutes north of Cody, Wyoming. Outside of the museum a few of the original buildings remain, slowly decaying to time, along with a large deteriorating brick smoke stack and a rebuilt guard tower that stands watch nearby. But at one time, this area was home to more than 14,000 Japanese Americans who were confined in hastily built structures during World War II. Leaving behind property, businesses, possessions, careers, schools, friends and even family pets – the people were allowed only to take what they could carry in a single suitcase. Because of this, many were ill prepared for the harsh winters and uninsulated structures at Heart Mountain. And upon release several years later, many would attempt to return to the lives they left, only to find their homes repossessed, sold, or destroyed. As such, some never recovered.

heart mountain internment camp, heart mountain, wyomingAccording to a Heart Mountain informational booklet, “A total of 14,025 people lived at the ‘Heart Mountain Relocation Center’ from 1942 to 1945. Five hundred fifty-six babies were born, 148 people died, 800 men and women served in the Armed Forces and 85 protesters refused to obey the draft order. Among them, 63 were charged with resisting the draft and sent to federal penitentiaries.”

One couple’s story particularly resonated – Estelle and Arthur Ishigo. Estelle, an art teacher, was a Caucasian woman married to Arthur Ishigo, and although she didn’t have to go to the camp, she never-the-less decided to be interred with her husband. Later they were released in 1945, and the U.S. government reimbursed the couple with $102.50 for their loss of property and possessions. However, Arthur passed away in 1957 from cancer and Estelle lived in seclusion and poverty for the rest of her life. She was later found in a wheelchair with both her legs amputated due to gangrene. Her and Arthur’s story can be found in the book written by Estelle called “Lone Heart Mountain“. Filmmaker Steven Okazaki would also create a documentary about Estelle’s life called “Days of Waiting“, although Estelle would pass away before ever seeing it. Today, many of Estelle’s paintings of life at the concentration camp can be seen at the Japanese American National Museum.

Estelle Ishigo, Heart Mountain Internment Camp, Japanese Americans, artistAnother artist, Hatsuko Mary Higuchi (whose work seeks to visually communicate the experience of Japanese Americans during this time), discusses her abstract artwork called Turmoil at Heart Mountain. She notes on her blog site that it represents the “resistance at Heart Mountain that challenged the constitutionality of their imprisonment and demanded freedom as a condition of their conscription into the U.S. Army.”

Today, artists like Setsuko Winchester continue to try to make sense of this story. Her project, called “Freedom from Fear”, utilizes 120 hand-made tea bowls to represent incarcerated Japanese Americans. According to Asian American Press, “she explains the project as her attempt to use art and beauty to examine something ugly”.

Visiting the Heart Mountain museum is a profound experience. With beautiful scenery, numerous artifacts, photos, artwork and interactive exhibits (including recreations of small rooms entire families lived in), it’s hard not to be moved when you think of what these people had to endure at the hands of the State. It might be easy for some to make excuses or justifications for what happened then – and continues to happen now through government abuse and Statism – but as this museum so adeptly illustrates, it doesn’t make it any less excusable.

For more, please see: 

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Libertarian Gaming: Farcry 5 Reaches Compromise with 5.2

farcry 5, libertarian, farcry, screenshot, berkeley, concept art, freedom of speech

Breaking News! As reported by Galactic Imperium News Service (GINS), the makers of the popular Farcry series recently revealed new concept art (as seen above) for the latest entry into the Farcry universe. Known as Farcry 5.2: Berkeley Under Siege, this latest unveiling is said to be the studios attempt to address many concerns regarding the controversy surrounding Farcry 5.

Kelvin McGrabmasters, project lead for Farcry 5.2 promises an exciting adventure set in the open-world environment of Berkeley, California. While many of the finer points of the story are still under wraps, Kelvin notes in the GINS interview that “players will find themselves playing a diverse libertarian team seeking to bring copies of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises to help free the minds of brainwashed leftists and MAGA supporters. During the course of the game, players will help liberate Berkeley from the grip of tyrants and socialist college professors, and eventually find themselves embroiled in a conspiracy that may reach even to the very halls of government!”

When asked about the gameplay of Farcry 5.2, McGrabmasters was quick to point out that while prior Farcry games have been heavy on violence and gunplay, the team decided to go a new route and have the libertarian heroes simply use books, social media and other peaceful methods to help change minds. He also noted that there may be special power-ups that allow players to utilize bonus team members like Ron Paul and Tom Woods.

“We really felt like Farcry 5 was just going in the wrong direction,” Kelvin explained when asked about why the need for Farcry 5.2. “It started to feel a little like Bioshock Infinite with it’s overt use of partisan story elements, sectarian and religious imagery and tired gaming devices. Plus, we thought this could be an opportunity to have a realistic story that people could really identify with. Additionally, we thought that maybe we could speak a message about some of those antifa -like people out there who preach tolerance, but instead use it as a method to be violently intolerant and seek to limit free speech. Plus, let’s face it. The Left and the Right both can be pretty silly these days, which is why we thought we’d have libertarians, voluntaryists and ancaps featured positively in a game for once.”

However, GINS has learned that not all people are happy about this latest developments. Many of the Establishment’s top white male gaming journalists who praised Farcry 5 immediately took to their blogs to rant about how Farcry 5.2 is once again clearly part of a racist, sexist plot to perpetuate a gaming dark age. Fred Jellymins, editor at GameYippeeZone ranted that no serious gamer would look twice at a libertarian game with Anti-Statist themes that made the Establishment Left look ridiculous. “I don’t care about the Right,” Jellymins said. “But the Left should always be shown in a positive light in games if we want this art form to be taken seriously.”

Note: This post is intended as a work of humorous fiction. Any relation to actual people or game sites is an unusual coincidence indeed! And while doubtless millions of readers were perhaps hoping that Farcry 5.2 actually existed, no such game featuring libertarians or anti-statist themes in a positive light actually exists. 

More on Libertarian Gaming: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


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Memorial Day Weekend

In the American States, there’s this thing called Memorial Day, in which people honor the brave sacrifices of people who have fought or are currently fighting for liberty and freedom. Of course, we thought that some of the famous whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange would be great to remember as two individuals who are valiantly fighting for liberty and a future free from oppression. Free free to share on social media – simply right click and save for passing on. Special thanks to the Tom Woods Elite Group on Facebook for some great ideas and discussion surrounding this topic!

For some other great memorial day memes from libertopia, check out the two below. They feature some of the greats who have passed on, and were also actively involved in fighting for liberty: Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Frederic Bastiat, Leonard Read, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Rose Wilder Lane and Herbert Spencer. There are of course many others, which we hope to create graphics for in the future!

Thoughts or suggestions? Leave a comment! Also, don’t miss our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap political cartoons, art, memes and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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Public Stool

public school, statism, cartoon, political cartoon, authoritarianismIf the general outcry and hysteria on social media was any indication of modern attitudes towards public school, you’d think that many people would rather cover themselves in rotten meat and jump into a cage of mangy dogs over seeing their precious government institution threatened in any way. Such was the case recently with all the mouth foaming and gnashing of teeth over Betsy DeVos. Here at libertopia, we of course don’t really give a tinker’s darn about all the theatrics surrounding the media and whatever heinous thing Trump is going to do next. But it’s still pretty funny when people get all triggered over their supposedly “free” baby-sitting. From costly school bus programs to school breakfast and lunch subsidies, after school clubs, glorious technology programs, fantastic architectural structures, carefully designed curriculum, social programming and more – it’s easy to see why education is one of the biggest governmental undertakings in the realm. And in the end, it really seems more about creating good worker bees than raising up anyone who is capable of individualistic thought or an entrepreneurial spirit. But if you’re someone who is thinking maybe it’s time to try something different – why not take a look at Ron Paul’s home school curriculum? It’s easier than you think!

Have any thoughts regarding public school, statism, government education, school boards, the Department of Education, the national educators association (NEA), private schooling, home schooling, or free market solutions to education? Leave a comment! Be sure to check out our graphics page for even MORE of our exclusive libertarian / voluntaryist / ancap political cartoons, art and infographics! Plus, don’t miss our great libertarian artist interviews as well!

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