3rd Annual Libertopia Art Contest!

libertarian, art contest, 2017, art, illustration, creativity, contest, artist, ancap, voluntaryismAre you an artist who loves liberty – or do you know an artist who does? If so, encourage them to take part in our THIRD annual Libertopia Art Contest! We’re looking for artwork of any kind – 2D art or 3D illustrations, traditional or digital art, paintings, photos of sculptures, posters, cartoons, text art and more (if you need a little inspiration, feel free to look over some of our own cartoons here at Libertopia!). All skill levels welcome – even people who may not think they’re artists are encouraged to send in a sketch! The point is to use your creativity and imagination to develop a piece of artwork – from a simple sketch on a napkin, to a spectacular mural – to help bring a compelling visual message of liberty and a hopeful future to people everywhere. See the winners from last year HERE!

So why participate? This is a great opportunity to get a little recognition and appreciation for your talent (as we’ll be sure to promote your entry through social media), and bragging rights as a potential winner in one of the few libertarian art contests out there! Plus, it’s a fun way to network with other libertarian artists – as well as develop some great liberty-themed art to display in your portfolio or through social media.

The details: Please send one entry per applicant – a jpeg under 400K would be excellent. The art must be your work. Any age may contribute! Please send your name, age category (child or adult) e-mail address, web address (if you have an online portfolio), and a brief description of your work (The child category is for kids 13 and under). Please keep artwork clean without profanity, and pertaining to a libertarian/voluntaryist/ancap theme. Please send to silverlake37 (at) outlook (dot) com. (If you would prefer that the entry you send in appear online with an alias or initials, please let us know and we will make sure that happens!)

GreatDayAll art submissions will be exhibited under the “Artist Page” here on Libertopia. The cutoff date for entries will be August 21 (Monday). On August 23 (Wednesday), we’ll announce the first and second place winners in each of the two categories through a blog post (an honorable mention may also be awarded at our discretion). First place winners will receive a PDF copy of our Libertopia Volume 1 libertarian art book (as seen here). We’ll also have special award icons that will be displayed with the winning art on Libertopia, as well as e-mailed to you for use on your portfolio sites. Certificates will also be sent via e-mail! All art will remain on display on Libertopia for as long as this site is up and running. However, all artwork ultimately belongs to the artist – so if you decide you’d like it removed sometime down the road, we can do that.

We’re looking forward to seeing your artwork soon!

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