Government or Not?

voluntaryism, voluntaryist, government, infographic, graphic design

So, you’ve probably gotten in a discussion before about a libertarian, anarcho-capitalist or voluntaryist society, and had someone respond with, “Yeah, but what about a church group, family, or several neighbors who decide to have a few rules amongst them? Wouldn’t that be considered a government? What would be so bad about that?”

Which is why I think the infographic above is such a helpful resource. It boils down very effectively (with simple visuals of course) as to what is and isn’t government. In other words, if you can ignore and it and it will leave you alone – then it isn’t a government. Easy. Special thanks to Tom de Lorenzo on google+ for providing the chart and allowing me to give it a little graphic design.

Have any thoughts on minding your own business, leaving people alone, statism, individualism, government or what constitutes a government? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you. Plus, don’t forget – if you or someone you know is a libertarian artist who is passionate about the ideas represented in voluntaryism, anarcho capitalism (ancap) or freedom in general, then be sure to send us your artwork for our upcoming art contest (details here)! We’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, check out our great community of libertarian artist interviews and more at the tabs above!

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