Veteran and Beloved Liberty-Minded Politician passes away at 20 years old: Stubbs the Cat

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The world continues to mourn the passing of one of the greatest liberty-minded leaders of our time. Stubbs the cat, who passed away in his sleep the evening of July 20, had faithfully served his community as mayor of Talkeeta, Alaska since 1998. Born in 1997, Stubbs was sadly only 20 years young when he died.

Talkeeta, a community of around 900 people, chose Stubbs to be their representative around 19 years ago as a write-in candidate. Since then, this furry feline has always enjoyed bipartisan support, as well as the love and affection of tourists, his family and many neighbors and friends. In 2013, Stubbs survived a vicious dog attack, but made a remarkable recovery and went on to eat, sleep and bring joy to those around him.

Libertopia’s own libertarian cat issued a statement earlier this morning, noting that, “We have lost a great champion of liberty in our era through the loss of such a remarkable cat who lived life to the fullest. Particularly noteworthy was Stubb’s proud defense of his community in the great Dog Attack of 2013 and his unique gift of bringing people together. Unlike many politicians today, he never raised taxes, made empty promises, campaigned for special interest projects, bombed anyone or created any laws that further reduced our liberties. Stubbs will surely be an inspiration to future generations of cats and humans alike.”

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